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Fall is an important season for roofing maintenance because it defends your home from the harsh elements that winter brings such as freezing rain, wind, ice, and snow. Roofers in St.Louis and St. Peters say if your roof is damaged and needs repairthat right now is the best time to have it done. Check out these suggestions to help increase the longevity of your roof!

  • Keep Your Gutters Clean - Water will splash back onto the roof when gutters are clogged and filled with dirt and debris, which can eventually lead to cracking, mold, and other problems in the future. Do your roof and pocketbook a favor by keeping your gutters clean, and draining properly.

  • Trim Your Trees- Trim all branches back (removing any dead limbs) and away from your home to protect your roof from potential damage. Roofers in St. Louis and St. Peter say doing this in the fall will also help minimize the number of leaves that can clog your guttering system.

  • Schedule a Pre-Winter Inspection- Hiring a professional roofing contractor in St. Louis and St. Peter will provide you the assurance that your roofing system and all of its componentshave been inspected thoroughly and properly. Any needed repairs are much easier to perform before the snow and ice arrive, and waiting too long will only make problems worse and increase the cost.

When you need roof repair in St. Louis or St. Peters look no further than ACI Exteriors. Call us today at (636) 294-3826 for a FREE No Obligation Inspection & Estimate.

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October 24, 2018
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